Employee Matters

It is our aspiration to engineer the medicines of tomorrow and our employees are crucial to our success. In an industry such as biotechnology, where success largely depends on the innovation capability and commitment of staff, aspects such as employee attraction, retention and employee satisfaction are decisive factors. Close cooperation across disciplines and geographies is key to achieving our goals. Our Human Resources (HR) department manages all topics related to employer attractiveness, diversity and equal opportunities. Our Health and Safety department, integrated into the Technical Operations area, takes care of all aspects of occupational health and safety (OHS).

Employer Attractiveness

The transition of MorphoSys from a monoclonal antibody specialist to a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company required additional, complementary skill sets across various disciplines. This includes clinical development execution, building out a commercial infrastructure along with medical affairs, regulatory and policy in order to bring the therapy to healthcare providers and patients in need. Steady growth, with our workforce almost doubling since the end of 2018 to 6151 employees at the end of 2020, requires appropriate measures to attract and retain the right employees. We achieve this by focusing on the needs of patients and committing to our Company values – Courage, Urgency, Innovation and Collaboration – in everything we do. 1 Released employees, trainees and employees on parental leave are not included.

Focus in 2020

We initiated several projects in 2020 to set up our Company organizationally and culturally for our growth. We defined a new global operating model based on a lean structure, built a U.S. organization and set up processes and frameworks that contribute to a culture of continuous performance excellence.

As part of our new way of working, we realigned the leadership organization by launching an Executive Committee in addition to the Management Board. The Committee consists of the Management Board members and four additional executives from legal, business development, HR and technical operations to ensure inclusive decision-making along the whole value chain. This management team is composed by a diverse group of individuals comprising gender, nationality, professional background and industry knowledge.

In addition, a Global Leadership Group including approximately 80 top executives from various departments was introduced at our sites in Germany and the U.S. to demonstrate an environment of dialogue across the Company. It is paramount to MorphoSys to be attractive by creating a culture of collaboration and inclusion of different perspectives.

As we need to continue to look for the best talent during this time of growth, we initiated new employer branding campaigns, with special focus on commercial and clinical development. In 2020 we successfully built our new U.S. commercial organization and started to build a new clinical development hub in Boston, while we continued to expand our headquarters’ corporate and R&D functions. We increased our social media presence by relaunching our employer messaging on LinkedIn as well as deploying new content on our corporate and U.S. career website. We are committed to transparency about our job opportunities, current and expected skills and capabilities of our employees, as well as the working environment which we offer to applicants across the world.

With these measures, we consider ourselves well on the way to coping with the Company’s growth.

Our employees are crucial to our success in engineering the medicines of tomorrow

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Valuing diversity and ensuring equal opportunities are firmly anchored in our corporate culture. We believe that every single colleague needs to be heard and plays an important role in contributing to our success. We therefore are committed to policies that do not discriminate in recruitment, hiring, training, promotion or other employment practices for reasons of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital or protected veteran status, medical condition, pregnancy, disability or any other legally protected status. We aim for an open working environment where creativity and innovation can flourish.

Focus in 2020

MorphoSys’ CEO Dr. Jean-Paul Kress signed the “CEO Pledge for a More Equitable and Inclusive Life Sciences Industry” initiated by the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council to demonstrate the commitment of MorphoSys and the whole biotechnology industry to diversity and inclusion.

Based on the most recent recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code, the Supervisory Board of MorphoSys has updated its objectives for its composition and has established a diversity concept pursuant to the German Commercial Code (HGB). Further details can be found in our ›› Corporate Governance Report.

At the end of 2020, of a total of 615 employees1 of the MorphoSys Group, 58% were women and 33 of 79 executives2 were women. The proportion of women in the company’s workforce thus remains at a consistently high level compared with the previous year. In addition, we proudly employed individuals of 39 different nationalities, which adds to our identity as a truly global organization.

1 Released employees, trainees and employees on parental leave are not included.

2 Executives of the first and second management level.

Employees1 by Gender

December 31

Total Employees (in %)

Executives2 (Number)

Employees1 by Nations

December 31, 2020

Total Employees (Number)

Employees by Region (Number)

1 Released employees, trainees and employees on parental leave are not included.

2 Executives of the first and second management level.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

MorphoSys considers it a key responsibility to provide a safe, healthy and clean working environment as stated in our Code of Conduct and to comply with all applicable health, safety and environmental laws and regulations, company standards, and best practices.

Focus in 2020

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic our main focus in 2020 was to implement effective measures to protect our employees. We updated our pandemic plan and maintained our business operations. Employees were encouraged to work from home where feasible. In-office work was optional and at the discretion of the employee and the respective line manager within the existing pandemic guidelines for office work.

For the Planegg site, a task force led by the Health and Safety department was established to guarantee the implementation of all regulatory requirements as well as to inform all employees about upcoming measures and their potential impact.

For the Boston offices, the site manager was responsible for the strict adherence to federal and state guidelines as communicated and updated on state and federal websites.

Measures taken included capacity limitations, wearing masks, use of sanitizers, social distancing and contact tracing.

Principles for Occupational Safety at MorphoSys

Introduction of hazardous materials for R&D purposes

  • A dedicated biosafety team as defined by the “Gentechnik Sicherheitsverordnung” (German Genetic Engineering Safety Directive) and other safety professionals perform an internal audit to assess the risk involved

  • Specific safety and evacuation training for the employees working with the substances

  • Assurance that all safety measures are implemented before actual work commences

Only certified companies are authorized by MorphoSys to dispose of chemical waste

Lowest possible amounts of hazardous substances used

Pathogenic organisms are processed in laboratories with particular safety standards

Only specially trained employees are allowed to work with toxic substances

The above-listed measures enabled us to ensure normal business operations despite the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of the workplace risk assessment required by German law, MorphoSys’ Planegg site took part in an online survey on risk allocation for mental stress in the reporting year. The online survey was conducted by a specialized institute for OHS consulting. The aim was to assess the mental stress level caused by the working environment. The evaluation was communicated to the executives and appropriate measures are in progress. The results of the survey were generally comparable to benchmark values.

During the reporting year there was only one reportable occupational accident (commuting accident) for MorphoSys AG, and so the number of work-related accidents remained at a very low level and was significantly below the average level for the chemical industry in Germany, which is used as a comparative value (15.6 notifiable accidents at work per 1,000 full-time employees in the latest survey by the German Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for Raw Materials and the Chemical Industry (BG RCI) in 2019; a reportable accident as defined by the BG is an accident at work or a commuting accident that causes more than three calendar days of incapacity to work). Through the help of guidelines, training and regular medical checkups, our goal is to be vigilant and ahead of the curve in order to keep the number of accidents at this low level while maintaining the safety and well-being of all our employees.